What is Trovino?
Trovino is an Online Wine Search Engine that helps you to find the best wine offers you want between thousands of deals from the best online wine shop.

Why use Trovino?
Trovino allows users to use a single website to find the wines you want by allowing them to save valuable time to look for better deals returning a greater amount of results.

How can I look for the wines in Trovino?
Search a wine is very simple. If you do not have much experience or looking for a wine in particular, it is advisable to use the free text field and type the wine name or the winemaker that you want to search and press the button with the lens.
If you are more comfortable with the web or you want to do more targeted research you can use the parameters Type, Country, Grape, Vintage and Price by selecting a value for each parameter and press the button "Find Your Wine".
You can always add, remove or change every single value, after first search, in the filter panel you can see on the left of listing page.

Where are the wines on Trovino from?
Trovino has a powerful "spider" that indexes wine offers published in dozens of wine web sites.
Trovino rearranges them according to main information (Type, Country, Grape, Vintage and Price) and shows them to users very quickly based on keyword or parameters user search.
All wines present on Trovino will redirect to the original wine shop site so that you can have access to all the information and, if interested, buy wine.
Trovino isn't a winery or a wine shop competitor, but directs traffic to those stores with the aim of generating more and  better quality traffic for the shops that sell wine.

How are ordered wine offers on Trovino?
The wine offers are ordered by relevance. You can change the listing results order by vintage or price.

How can a wine shop load his wine offers on Trovino?
It 'very simple. It can simply contact Trovino via email or through the contact button on the right of home page and ask Trovino to index his site (wine shop). Alternatively it can send a csv file in accordance on the Trovino specifications.

Does Trovino only works from pc?
Absolutely not. Trovino is the first italian wine search engine available and optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Can I share with friends and family the deals I find on Trovino?
Absolutely. Trovino allows users to view each wine card very detailed, moreover It also allows you to manage favorite wines, to view similar wines, all the wine shop's offers and share their wines by mail or by the main social networks sharing links.

Is Trovino on Facebook?
Certainly. You can find Trovino on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

How do I contact Trovino for questions or suggestions?
It 'very simple. You can write us an email to info or use the appropriate button ContattaTrovino available on the right side of home page.

Is Trovino free?
Absolutely. Trovino is only a guide to buy on web and do not contain any proposal, offer or product directly for sale.

How does Save Search work?
Every time you make a search on Trovino (both free text for parameters) you get a window that allows you to type your email to receive every week the latest deals regarding the wine you looked for. You can save more searches and remove any search at any time.

Has Trovino a blog where it's possibile to read news or wines reviews?
Absolutely. Here you can find reviews and comments on tasted wines and about wine experience through winemaker or vinery or other wine topics.

Good Search!